Surf Green Strat Repair Tulsa,OK GTS

Guitar Technical Services was established by three Tulsa guitar techs in July of 2013, in an historic garage on the original Route 66 in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood.  Steve "Doc" Hickerson, Brad James, and Jess DiPesa bring over 75 years of combined experience in the adjustment, repair, restoration, and customization of guitars.  They provide expertise in ordering replacement parts, strings, accessories, pickups, and anything you might need for your guitar.  

GTS provides service for all instruments in the guitar family including electric, acoustic, classical, 12 string, resonator, lap steel, and the list goes on. Most any stringed instrument will be in good hands at this shop, although bowed instruments will be referred to other qualified technicians in Tulsa.  

Please browse through our Workbench entries to see some of our recent work.  

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"Doc," Brad, and Jess