Today's GTS Workbench Feature...

David Skinner PRS

David Skinner's 20th Anniversary PRS in for new zebra Fralin pickups and control modifications.  We removed the original controls intact and converted the rotary pickup selector to a Swithcraft 3-way.  David wanted individual volume controls for each pickup with dual/single coil switching options, so push-pull pots were installed in place of the standard master volume and tone controls.  We also included a mini CTS tone pot in the compartment to insure the exact "voicing" that David specified for this project.  The factory shielding was also upgraded with additional coats of conductive paint and properly grounded copper foil to eliminate any noise issues.    

Custom wiring is a GTS specialty, we have many wiring options for any pick up combination (Tele, Strat, Humbuckers. etc.)  Feel free to contact us if you have a special request. 

David Skinner PRS @ GTS, Guitar Modification
David Skinner PRS Guitar Electronics at GTS