"Together....again....." Justin and his Buck Owens Harmony


This is Justin.  He brought in an old Harmony-made Buck Owens American.  These were sold in Sear's in the late 60's and early 70's.  When this guitar came through the doors it was in poor shape.  It had loose back braces, cracked and deteriorated headstock overlay, loose pickguard with a bad glue job and screw holes, and was just generally funky.  Here are some before and after shots to show the American's transformation.

The left picture was taken by Justin before coming to the shop.  By the time we saw the guitar, the overlay had completely cracked and crumbled away.  

On the right you see a brand new overlay which Justin was lucky enough to find online. Some of these are available on Ebay, which honestly is an amazing find.  This is a clear plastic that has been back-painted so that the graphics will not scratch off.  We cleaned up the headstock and applied the overlay, instantly sprucing up this instrument.

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This isn't pretty.  Old crusty glue was making the surface under the pickguard uneven, and a few paint chips have been pulled away with the old pickguard.  We leveled the surfaced and applied some touch up paint, since those spots would show through the new pickguard material.  

Above is the new pick guard in place with the old resting below.  Notice the screw holes.  Justin made our lives easier, once again, by sourcing some great celluloid tortoise pickguard.  We took the new blank, traced and oversized it to cover some damage to the finish that was outside of the original boundary and applied it with adhesive made for this purpose.

Left is the finished pickguard, looking great on the American.

After gluing some loose braces, setup, cleanup, and new strings this guy was ready to strum.  Justin was very pleased and so were we.

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Here is Buck with his original American, which was custom made for him by Semie Mosely of Mosrite.